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What is Paw Prints Weekly?

Paw Prints Weekly is the official student-run newspaper of Glen A. Wilson High School in Hacienda Heights, CA. We are an award winning journalism program that works to highlight school events, student life, and inform students on surrounding community matters. Being that it is our fifty-third year in business, the staff of Paw Prints Weekly Vol. 53 is proud to present our publication to the Glen A. Wilson High School community.

How often do you publish?

We upload articles every Friday online throughout the school year. We pride ourselves on being one of the few high school journalistic programs that continue to publish weekly in Southern California. In addition, we also print a physical newspaper on the first week of every month.

"Be original, show off your style and tell your story." 
Get inspired.

It is our program’s belief that we have a duty to respect both our audience and the journalistic rights’ of the students who work so very hard to bring this publication to life. Paw Prints Weekly remains a public forum for our students’ expression and is proud to present our publication to the students of Glen A. Wilson High School. 

What now?

Feel free to navigate our website! The latest news and content can be found in the "Articles" tab under the menu. If you would like to learn more about us, click the archives tab or the button below to meet our staff! If you would like to make any business inquiries or comments, email gawhspawprintsweekly@gmail.com or see our advertising page for more information.