A Christmas Holiday to remember…



What is your most memorable Christmas?


Catherine Lee (12)

“My most memorable Christmas was the year my brother bought a Christmas tree. It was exciting to see a real Christmas tree for the first time. [However], when we started setting the tree up and putting lights and decorations on it, a bunch of spiders started to crawl out of [the tree]. I started screaming and did not want to help decorate the tree [anymore]. [Moments after], a bunch of deer jumped onto our porch and started to eat the fruits that were on the table outside.”


Logan Mendoza (12)

“A few years ago, my family gathered at my uncle’s house to celebrate the holiday. The police pulled up to the house while we were talking and celebrating in the front yard. We did not know why the police were there, but soon, we found out that there was actually a man carrying a gun in my uncle’s backyard the whole time we were enjoying [ourselves]. The police arrested the man right then and there. [Initially], I was scared, because I was young and there were many cops, but looking back, it was a very fun and cool [experience].”


Mrs. Van Gorden

“When I was a little girl and my grandparents were still alive, our family would gather on Christmas Eve and wait for Santa to come give us our presents. The children always went on walks to look for Santa. Usually, airplanes have a red flashing light in the sky, so we looked for that on our walk. When the kids saw that light, they would think it was Rudolph’s red nose and get ready to head home. By the time they got home, their presents were ready, so they just missed Santa [preparing their gifts]. I really enjoyed Christmas because of this family tradition, so I have been passing it down with my kids, and now, they pass it down to their kids, my grandkids.”

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