A diligent student with bright goals, and an even brighter future




 Throughout high school, Kyan has shown what it means to excel both academically and creatively.

 Pursuing biology at college, Kyan acknowledges her interest in biology stemming from competing in Science Olympiad in middle school.

 “From doing an event called Anatomy and Physiology, I saw that learning about the human body systems was something I could pursue in the future with a career in the medical field,” Kyan said. “It was through this competition that I saw how passionate I was about science and especially medicine.”

 As a result of her growing interest, Kyan decided to join Science Olympiad in high school.


 In turn, Kyan’s diligence toward the team earned her the captain position for her junior and senior year. Under her leadership, the Science Olympiad team became the first in Wilson history to make it to the State level.

 “Our team has been consistently improving in not only individual medal count but team placement as well,” Kyan said. “This year we won 2nd place at [Regionals] and 4th place at [State] in April.”

 In addition to exercising her academic interests, Kyan also practices her creative side through graphic design.


 With her newfound interest for graphic design, Kyan dedicated much of her time to The Prowler in sophomore year. By her junior year, Kyan took on the position of Clubs and Organizations editor. This year, Kyan rose to the Editor-in-Chief position, where she is in charge of designing the layouts seen in the yearbook.

 Despite all the extracurriculars she participates in and the rigorous academic classes she loads herself with, Kyan is like any other teenager. In her free time, Kyan enjoys drawing, playing piano and playing around with graphic design programs. She also spends time with friends by exploring new food places and watching movies together.


 Kyan will be majoring in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology on the pre-med track at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).  Kyan hopes to participate in undergraduate research projects at there and continue expanding upon her graphic design skills by working for UCLA’s newspaper or yearbook program. She aspires to pursue a career in medicine and use her knowledge of the human to help others. Without a doubt, nothing “Kyan” stop her from succeeding.

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