A look into our Wildcats’ Christmas traditions!



Ember Arteaga

Do you believe in Santa? Why or why not?

“I definitely believe in Santa. [Santa is] an idea [which is] bigger than a person. I believe in the spirit of Christmas, which Santa embodies.”

How do you plan to spend Christmas day?

“This year’s Christmas day will just be spent with my immediate household family. We’ll probably wake up and open gifts. We normally have cinnamon rolls and breakfast together. We [usually] just hang out all day.”

What are you looking forward most to on Christmas?

“My family, eating good food and enjoying [my three-year-old] grandson.”


Alexander Chang (12)

What are you looking forward most to on Christmas?

“I am looking forward to church [and the services associated with it]. Everybody who attends [our] church [is there], the little kids perform a funny play and the high school students perform a skit, which I am in.”

What is the most unique or interesting Christmas tradition you/your family has?

“Not receiving gifts anymore. We used to [exchange presents, but lately] I have been spending money before Christmas. This [now counts] for an early Christmas present.”

Do you have a favorite Christmas song?

“I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.’ It [describes] snow, and I like the slow and peaceful tempo, as opposed to Christmas rock.”


Lucas Chumacero (11)

What do you enjoy the most about Christmas?

“We always go to my grandma’s house during Christmas Eve to celebrate. We eat turkey and play games.”

What do you hope to receive for Christmas this year?

“All sorts of things, [in particular,] I’m hoping [to receive a Nintendo Switch because] I really want to play Super Smash Bros.”

What do you believe is the most important part of Christmas?

“Spending time with family and friends [during] the holiday season.”


Jason Eusebi

Who in your family is the most serious about Christmas spirit, and how do they go above and beyond to celebrate?

“My mom is [very] serious about it. She is very family-oriented and makes sure [we] get together every Christmas. [We] celebrate [and] decorate; she is the most Christmas-spirited person [I know].”

What is your dearest Christmas memory?

“It would be opening presents on Christmas morning [and] getting up early with my family.”

What is one thing you do every year in preparation for Christmas?

“[My family] does a lot of shopping and baking.”


Brendan Kuang (9)

What is your most memorable Christmas experience?

“Unboxing presents [on Christmas, one gift that was particularly memorable] was a Google Play gift card.”

What is your favorite Christmas related movie or TV special?

“A Christmas Carol. It has meaningful life lessons [in it].”

What are your favorite decorations to put up or look at for Christmas?

“Christmas tree and lights, because they look [really] nice.”


Steven Anaya (12)

What is your favorite way to celebrate Christmas?

“Going to [my house in] Mexico and visiting relatives. We [slaughter] a pig every year and eat it.”

What do you hope to receive for Christmas?

“Money, so I can buy clothes.”

How do you plan to spend your winter break?

“Working with my dad.”

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