Administration Renovates Wilson’s Look



 Wilson administration approved the decision to repaint the classroom doors and the gym’s logo during the summer.

 As part of the regular up-keeping of Wilson, the renovation received funding designated for project improvements.

 According to Assistant Principal Samuel Sanford, the painting enhancement is a maintenance decision designed to ensure the best school environment.

 “Paint fades, and every few years, it is important that the school refreshes its paint to make sure that the [campus] looks up to date. I think it shows the community how much [admin] cares about the school,” Sanford said.

 Furthermore, Spanish teacher Liz Orth explains the importance of the new paint on campus.

 “I love the [freshly-painted campus], because it looks more regal and classy,” Orth said. “It brightens our campus, allows teachers to feel more pride in where they work and elevates our school [mood].”

The change is especially surprising for senior Anabelle Solórzano, who has mixed feelings about the current paint.

“The paint makes the school look more aesthetically pleasing. [However], I feel like the colors could have been chosen better. I do not care for the yellow at all,” Solórzano said.

 Wilson administration plans to continue painting additional wording inside the school.

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