ASB Reveals This Year’s Homecoming Theme

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Associated Student Body (ASB) revealed this year’s homecoming theme in the amphitheater on Sept. 12.

ASB uncovered the long-awaited homecoming theme, “A Night in Neverland,” by featuring a skit performed by David Barrios, Isabel Gonzales, David Gonzales and Sally Pan.

 According to ASB advisor Patricia Branconier-Habash, her students did an exceptional job in preparing for the rally, despite encountering obstacles.

 “I thought [ASB] did great,” Branconier-Habash said. “It was just a little harder, because the late start [schedule] threw us off,  so we were a little behind.”

 In addition, activities member junior Mariana Madrid explains how ASB came to a consensus on this year’s theme.

  “‘A Night in Neverland’ actually was an option for about three years, and it was brought back by popular vote,” Madrid said. “We already had different ideas for it, so we all just agreed on finally making it happen.”

 Furthermore, sophomore Matthew Literas recalls what he enjoyed the most.

 “My favorite part of the rally was Sally Pan slaying her lift as Tinkerbell,” Literas said. “Also, I like this theme more than last year’s, because it is more creative and fun.”

 ASB’s next event is Homecoming on Oct. 13.

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