Katrina Liang (9)

How will you celebrate Halloween this year?

“Although I have volleyball practice that day until 7 PM, I am dressing up to trick-or-treat or watch some movies with my friends.” 

What does Halloween mean to you?

“Free candy and a chance to hang out with friends.”

In what way growing up has changed your perspective about Halloween?

“Growing up, I never went trick-or-treating, because I was really scared of clowns. [However,] now that I am older, I think it is all about spending time with your friends and having a good time.”

What is the best Halloween food?

“Pumpkin pie is the best for Halloween.” 

Bats or owls?



Harrison Wen (9)

Did you go trick-or-treating as a child? If so, what did you dressed up as? 

“I [loved to go] trick or treating as a child, and usually [dressed up] as a fireman each time.”

What does Halloween mean to you?

“Halloween to me is all about costumes and good food.”

If you were to carve a jack-o-lantern, what face would it have?

“Since it is Halloween, a spooky face on a jack-o-lantern is usually the way to go.”

Would you eat all the candy right away or save it for later?

“Save it for later, because I do not want to get a stomachache.”

Candy corn or pumpkin pie?

“I like pumpkin pie since it is not as sweet like candy corn.” 


Dominic Tran (10)

Any plans to dress up?

“No, but if I planned to dress up I would be a dragon.”

What is the scariest monster or legend that comes to your mind?

“Pennywise is the [scariest legend] to me.”

If there was a zombie apocalypse, what would be your first reaction?

“I always imagine myself being very brave, but I know that once I see the zombies in front of me, I would probably scream.”

Would you rather go trick-or-treating at the mall or your neighborhood?

“Trick-or-treating in my neighborhood, because I feel like the mall would be too crowded.”

Haunted house or a scary rollercoaster?

“As long as I do not get hurt by the people scaring me, a haunted house.”


Karisma Rodriguez (10)

What do you think of Halloween as a high school student?

“I like how [everyone] can be creative with their costumes. We can experience designing an outfit and making it ourselves.”

What is your all-time favorite candy or treat? 


What candy would you dislike to receive?

“Any kind of gum.”

What activities are you looking forward to during Halloween?

“Trick-or-treating, since it is the most well-known activity during Halloween.” 

What is your biggest fear?

“Definitely spiders.”


Bellamy Li (11)

What is your favorite Halloween memory?

“I think a [great] Halloween memory was when I was little and actually started to go out and trick-or-treat. It was very [very fun] and just a nice experience.” 

What was your first Halloween costume?

“A pumpkin.”

How would you describe Halloween in one word?

“Spooky, because  it [sums up] the whole vibe of Halloween.”

Do you prefer being scared or scaring others?

“I would prefer scaring [others].”

Favorite supernatural animal?

“Maybe a unicorn.”


Steven Wang (11)

Do you believe that there is an age limit to go trick-or-treating?

“I think that as long as you enjoy trick-or-treating and the people you are asking for candy does not kick you out, there is no age limit to go [trick-or-treating].”

What is the most memorable part of Halloween?

“Sorting your candy and trading it with your friends.”

Would you rather go trick-or-treating at the mall or your neighborhood?

“I would rather go trick-or-treating in my neighborhood because, in the mall, there are either a lot of people or none at all, which gets very boring.”

What would you look forward to after Halloween?

“I look forward to getting haunted by Christmas.”

Scary stories or movies?

“Scary stories.”


Elizabeth Medina (12)

What are you most excited about for Halloween?

“I am most excited to see the variety of costumes because, with Halloween, students can get creative with their costumes. I remember one year at Wilson’s Halloween contest, there was a student that dressed up as the house for [Disney movie], Up, so I really look forward to seeing this year’s costumes.”

Do you have any Halloween traditions this year?

“I am a kid at heart and my Halloween tradition is to dress up and go trick-or-treating with my cousins and sisters every year.”

What type of character do you think would die first in a horror movie?

“I would say the most suspicious character because they are probably a part of the plot and will mysteriously come back to life or pose a fake death.”

Which amusement park would you go to for Halloween?

“Because I am not a [huge fan] of horror, I would go to Disneyland or if I wanted to go to a [haunted-theme] maze, then it would be Universal Studios.”

Would you rather attend a Halloween party or go trick-or-treating?

“Trick-or-treating because it is more of a family tradition, and it gives me [the opportunity] to spend [quality] time with them.” 


Duane Ortaleza (12)

When you think about Halloween, what comes to your mind?

“I think about activities like dressing up in [costumes] and trick-or-treating.”

Do you think getting scared is the best part of Halloween? If not what else?

“Yes, I believe fear is the best part of Halloween because I personally love the thrill it gives me.”

What is your favorite scary movie? 

“My favorite movie is Halloween 1978, it is a classic, and I believe it jump-started the slasher [genre].”

Would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible?

“The ability to fly, so I can get to places easier and faster.”

If you could go to an amusement park for Halloween, which would it be?

“I would go to Horror Night at Universal Studios.”

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