Boys’ waterpolo triumphs over Cathedral HS



 On Tuesday, Oct. 2, Boys’ Water Polo conquered Cathedral HS with a final score of 12-7.   

Captain Michael Pfeiffer (12) says that the team ultimately triumphed, but the players trailed off as the game progressed.

 “We have the strength that no [other team] can put together, but [during the game] our morale decreased,” Pfeiffer said. “We [must stay] as a team through victory and through defeat.”

 In preparation, the team practiced many ball-handling and dribbling drills to help players move around the defender.

 According to coach Jonathan Heredia, the team’s good communication prevailed in the end of the game.

 “Usually, I would talk and scream at them during the games,” Heredia said. “But [in] the first quarter alone, I did not tell them anything at all, which forced the team to [work together]. [As a result], their passing has [improved tremendously].”

 As the season progresses, Heredia expects more successes from the team.

 “In preseason, [the players] had no games at all, so [when the season started], they went in cold,” Heredia said. “They have been improving a lot, so I do not have any worries about them, especially [since] they are working so hard.”

 The boys’ next game will be against San Dimas at home on Monday, Oct. 9.