Campus Light Invites Students to Join Easter Week





 Campus Light held its “Easter Week” event from Apr. 17 to 19.

 Guest speakers, including professors, pastors and even former National Football League coach Rocky Seto, gave presentations regarding the true meaning of Easter. Additionally, Campus Light provided free pizza and an Easter egg hunt, which included plastic eggs filled with a line of scripture or a raffle ticket for a gift card.

 According to co-president junior Sul-won Yoo, Easter Week’s purpose is to inform students about the true message of Easter.

 “Easter is regarded as a pagan holiday, [meaning the holiday is known for] Easter eggs, bunnies and candy. We wanted to [explain] the spiritual, scientific and historical aspects of Easter [to our campus],” Yoo said. “I think bringing in professors, pastors and different perspectives allowed students to explore their religious and spiritual sides, because we are so used to being close-minded and conforming.”

 Despite the difficulties involved with the event, co-president junior Jordan Chan believes the event went well.

 “Getting approval and [scheduling the event] so that we got everything on time was definitely a challenge,” Chan said. “Everything worked out well this time [though], and we were [content] to reach out to a [diverse group] of people.”

 Consequently, event attendee senior Alexander Chang enjoyed the distinct perspectives offered at the event, regardless of the presence of interlopers.

 “I appreciate [attending] these [events] and [being exposed] to different perspectives on [my] religion,” Chang said. “[However], it was annoying that some people [only attended the event] for free pizza.”

 Campus Light’s next event is a morning prayer at the flagpole on May 1.

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