Choir displays “Love” for singing

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 Choir hosted its Love Songs Concert and featured both choral and solo performances in the Little Theater on Feb. 6 and 7.

 The two-night concert included performances of romantic songs such as “Cheek to Cheek” and “A Whole New World” from Harmony, Sorelli, Rhythm and Aria in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

 Choir student freshman Sophia Zheng says that the performance succeeded in spreading joy with the audience’s encouragement.

 “[Students] did well [in that we] made the atmosphere cheerful [through] the support of the audience. [As a result], we were able to enjoy singing even more,”  Zheng said.

 Choir director DeJohn Brown says that students prepared for the concert by improving their voice and learning new songs.

 “[Overall,] most of the [improvements] have been [made] from the students alone through the [other] songs they learned individually to display their own talents,” Brown said.

 According to Harmony Section Leader junior Matthew Chen, choir needs to pay more attention to the the choir director’s tips and exert more self-confidence for the next performance.

 “Choir [students] should follow more directions [from Mr. Brown] and be more confident, so we can [enhance] the quality of our performance next time,” said Chen.

 Choir’s next event will be the Spring Concert on Mar. 20 at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church.

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