Club Rush excites student body





  Associated Student Body (ASB) organized the annual Club Rush for freshmen to explore clubs on campus during lunch on Sep. 19. 

  Club Rush allowed students to survey the multiple clubs the school offers, in hopes for students to involve themselves in what interests them. Clubs displayed their excitement with poster boards and fun activities to gather new recruits. 

  According to ASB advisor Patricia Branconier-Habash, ASB coordinated Club Rush to become more informative than previous years and prioritized objectives for the rest of the school year. 

  “[This year], ASB wanted a [smaller variety of clubs] for [freshmen] to choose from so they can feel less overwhelmed, since students can sometimes get lost in the [crowd],” Habash said.

  Additionally, ASB president senior Melanie Cruz expressed certain priorities ASB set for Club Rush this year.

  “We [aspired] for [freshmen] to have the time to go to [Club Rush] so that they can ask questions if they are interested [in a club],” Cruz said. “[It is mainly so students] can really make a connection with [the club members].”

  Through the roaring excitement, freshman Rebecca Wu highlighted the enthusiasm and dedication each club displayed. 

  “[Club Rush] was not what I expected at all, but hearing all the [cheering] was [an interesting experience],” Wu said. “Middle school [activities were more subtle], but high school is when  everyone is passionate about something.” 

  The next Club Rush for sophomores, juniors and seniors will be held during lunch on Tuesday, Sep. 24.

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