Clubs Join Together for a Good Cause





 Interact, Make-A-Wish and Key Club attended the AIDS Walk in downtown Los Angeles on Oct. 21.

 Starting in Grand Park and ending on the steps of the Los Angeles City Hall, the annual AIDS Walk generated over 1.3 million dollars this year.

 According to Key Club member junior Keith Kwong, the AIDS Walk proved to be both successful and enjoyable.

 “The [event was great, because] there were many attendees, the vibe was really [positive] and the [walk] raised [over] a million dollars [for AIDS victims],” Kwong said.

 Additionally, Key Club member sophomore Oscar La enjoyed the absurdity some protestors exhibited.

 “[My favorite part of the Walk] was seeing people hold up signs [that said], ‘homophobia is not in the bible,’” La said. “I thought it was hilarious, because they were [clearly] at the wrong rally.”

Moreover, Make-A-Wish co-president sophomore Edmond Chu plans to engage in similar events in the future due to the success of the Walk.

 “[Overall], the [participants] and volunteers at the Walk were [very] nice,” Chu said. “The success of this walk inspired me to participate in more walks, because it was fun helping out and walking for [an admirable] cause.”

 Key Club will be holding a Halloween Fair on Oct. 30.

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