Cross Country attends Cool Breeze Invitational





  On Sep. 6, cross country competed in the Cool Breeze Invitational at the Brookside Golf Club in Pasadena.

  The tournament marked the team’s first race of the season and consisted of 40 representative high schools. Boys’ varsity placed second in their division and Johnanthan Zavala placed second overall.  

  As stated by coach Mark Fessenden, the team performed efficiently in the tournament.

  “We were thrilled that [the team] exceeded our expectations. A lot of kids improved their running time tremendously,” Fessenden said. “[For example,] Arianna Silanskis is now two minutes faster than last year, similar to a lot of athletes who have really stepped up [this season.”

  According to captain Johnanthon Zavala (12), the position of captain is  integral to how the team functions.

  “[The most important thing about being a captain is] keeping the team together and making sure everyone [can do] their part,” Zavala said. “[During] the tournament, everyone [performed to] their full potential. I am proud that we got second place as a team.”

  To prepare for the invitational, cross county member Gio Gudiel (10) utilities a positive mindset.

  “The most challenging thing is [keeping] yourself in a competitive and healthy mindset throughout the day. [To do this], I listen to music or [spend time] with my friends to surround myself [with] good things,” Gudiel said. “After the race, [it is important] to reflect back to see you can see how to improve.” 

  Cross country will participate in the Woodbridge Classic on Sep. 20.