Cross Country attends invitational at Central Park





 On Saturday, Oct. 7, Cross Country competed in the invitational race at Central Park in Huntington.  

For the race, each team member was divided into categories (ex. varsity boys or sophomore girls) where they face off against other schools in their respective divisions. After the race, the school with the most runners in each category with the top 7 fastest times  is crowned the winner.

 According to co-captain Julian Modesto (12), the team showed immense improvement during the race and their results made him appreciative.

 “The race was an overall success. The team made me proud because [many of us] broke our personal records and [performed] better than last year.”

 Additionally, Jonathan Pfeiffer (10)  overcame his challenges from last year and secured first place in the sophomore boys’ category.

 “It felt very rewarding to reach my goal, because I practiced extremely hard before this invitational. I am proud of myself because last year I got third place, and this year I was able to get first,” Pfeiffer said.

 For the remainder of the season, Dorsey expects her teammates to work harder.

 “Every member has their own individual goals and as a team we want to go to CIF. In order to reach those goals, we will push ourselves everyday to our best [ability],” Dorsey said.

 The next cross country will be at Bonelli Park, on Nov 1.