Dance Company Succeeds at Latest Competition



 During the competition, Dance performed group routines in small all male, small all female hip hop, small contemporary, medium co-ed hip hop and medium jazz, as well as seven solo routines. Out of the group dances, small all male successfully placed first, with small contemporary and medium jazz both placing second.

 According to Varsity Dance captain senior Lei Wang, learning from previous competitions and having determination helps the team improve.

 “We went over critiques and notes from our previous competition to specifically [fix] our routines,” Wang said. “We always try to improve from our last competition.”

 Additionally, Varsity Dance co-captain junior Jazlyn Yu believes the team’s success results from hard work and deliberate practices.

 “We were able to [place well] this competition, because everyone put in a hundred percent of their effort,” Yu said. “We had weekly mandatory practices that brought us together.”

 Despite exceeding expectations, All Male member freshman Ronald Lu hopes to improve  team dynamics.

 “I think the team could be more supportive of each other and closer as a family,” Lu said. “In return, practices would be more efficient, and we could cheer altogether at [competitions].”

 Dance’s next competition will be West Coast Elite Regionals at Esperanza HS on Feb. 9.

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