Dance hosts fundraiser at Applebees

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 Wilson Dance Company hosted an Applebee’s fundraiser on Sunday, Aug. 26.

 Twelve members from All Male and Varsity Dance worked at the event. The fundraiser is one of many methods Dance Company uses to raise money for choreography fees, coaching fees and similar expenses.

 According to Dance Boosters President Christie Carmona, the Applebee’s fundraiser is ideal because of its potential profits.

 “[Dance team] does not get any financial support from the school,” Carmona said. “[Thus], we depend on fundraising of various sorts, and Applebee’s is one of them.”

 In addition, Varsity Dance member freshman Kiani Jimenez explains the importance of the fundraiser.

 “The fundraiser was worth the [dance team’s] effort, because  after working hard, we get to save more money when we pay for [team expenses],” Jimenez said.

 Furthermore, Varsity Dance co-captain junior Jazlyn Yu describes the valuable experience of working at the event.

 “It was a really fun and cool working experience,” Yu said. “I got to greet people and thank them for supporting [dance team] while [serving] them food.”

 Dance Company’s next fundraiser will be at Uno Hawaiian Barbeque on Sept. 12.

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