Football succumbs to Rowland HS




 On Oct. 6, the football team suffered a defeat against Rowland HS at the Homecoming game with a score of 21-28.

 According to Coach Salvador Ortiz, poor performance contributed to the result of the game.

 “The other team managed to execute [their game plays] better than us, resulting in the loss of our team,” Ortiz said. “Right now, our main focus is to carry out our game plays [more effectively] and have a stronger bond as a team so we can perform better at our next games.”

 Captain Eric Castillo (12) says that the preparation for the Homecoming game is no different from the team’s usual practices.

 “We prepared for the game as if it was [any other] game. We watched films of our opponents and did [our typical] drills,” Castillo said. “It was a close game. [The team] managed to keep the score close [up until] the last [couple] minutes of the game, when the other team performed better than us.”

 According to Castillo, the team made major improvements throughout the year.

“Compared to last year, [the team] improved [drastically]. We have been [playing] better this year and it is nice [for both the new and old players] to see our improvements over the year.  [Despite the fact that] we lost, [I believe] that this game boosted our team’s morale, because of our [better turnout] this year,” Castillo said.

 The next football game will be away at Baldwin Park HS on Oct. 13.