Girls’ volleyball succumbs to Northview HS





  On Monday, Oct. 23, girls’ volleyball succumbed to Northview HS with the score of 0-3.

  According to co-captain Hennessy Hernandez (12), lack of spirit and communication contributed to their loss.

  “[Our players] were not talking enough on the court. [Because of this], we relied more on the crowd’s energy instead of our own,” Hernandez said.

  Furthermore, head coach Melissa Davila believes that the girls greatly improved this season.

  “They have  learned to be open minded in accepting feedback by learning that growth is not just about themselves, but [about] the team as a whole,”  Davila said.

  With this being the last game of the season, the girls also hosted senior night, which recognized seniors for the hard work and dedication they showed to the team for the past four years.

  This year, younger teammates showed appreciation for the seniors by creating gift baskets, posters and flower crowns. They also decked the gym with  balloons, as well as banners that included the seniors’ names and signatures from every team member.   

  Middle hitter Katie Chau, who is also one of the graduating seniors, will have many memories from this team.

  “I will miss the relationships, the bonding moments, as well as the new people and coaches I’ve met during the season,” Chau said.