Girls’ Volleyball Suffers A Lost To San Dimas HS

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On Tuesday, Sep. 18, girls’ volleyball faced a loss to San Dimas HS with a score of 0-3.

 According to middle hitter Ashlee Moulton (12), the team’s lack of confidence overthrew their teamwork and communication during the game.

 “During our warm ups, we were not as focused [and optimistic] as we should have been,” Moulton said. “We need to emphasize on playing as a team and building [our] chemistry.”

 As a result, defense specialist Nicole Lee (10) plans for the team to work on improving technique and camaraderie during practice.

 “[During games], we [struggle with] missed serves and miscommunication,” Lee said. “To fix this, we [will practice] trusting each other on the court and calling for the ball,” Lee said.

Despite everything, captain Brianna Gonzales (12) believes this game displayed the team’s progression throughout the season.

 “[Overtime], the girls have slowly built a bond and [have improved on] working as a team,” Gonzales said. “I [am proud of] what we have become and hope it will only get better from here,” Gonzales said.

 Girls’ volleyball is preparing for their next game away against Northview HS on Sep. 29.