Halloween costume contest winners unmasked



Best Group: Anna Camodeca (10)

How did your group decide to dress up as UP?

“I really like the movie UP, so I shared the idea to dress up as [Russell, Kurt, and the house] with my friends.”

How long did it take your group to assemble the entire costume?

“If we worked continuously, I would say we took about a month to assemble all of our costumes.”

What makes your group’s costume unique compared to others in your category?

“Having one of us as the colorful house in UP was probably the most unique thing about our costume, because not many people would put that much time into [creating a house as a costume].”


Best Duo: Alyssa Cervantes (11)

How do you feel about winning the Halloween Contest?

“I want to say “thank you” to the teachers for choosing our costume for Best Duo.”

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

“My favorite thing about Halloween is [being able] to look as crazy as I want without having people question me.”

What was your personal favorite costume in the Halloween Costume?

“My favorite costume was the Doodle Ball.”


Best Celeb: Sergio Chang (10)

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

“My favorite thing about Halloween is being able to walk around a joyful and exciting neighborhood.”

Do you believe that there is an age limit for people to celebrate Halloween?

“I definitely do not think there should be an age limit for people to celebrate Halloween, because everyone should have a chance to have fun, regardless of their age.”

Do you have a favorite Halloween?

“When I was in 6th grade, [my friends and I] went to Disneyland for Halloween and got home very late, so my [parents] got extremely angry and punished me. Although I was punished, it was the best Halloween I experienced, because I was living the young and free life.”


Best DIY: Kyle Huang (11)

Where did you get your inspiration to DIY as Larry the Lobster?

“I got my costume inspiration from a post on Twitter. I thought that [dressing as Larry the Lobster] would be funny, so I chose it as my costume.”

Did you get any help in creating the costume?

“Yes, my brother’s girlfriend helped design my lobster by gluing the plates and cups together.”


Best DIY: Angelique O’Con (11)

How do you feel about winning the Best DIY contest?

“It makes me feel happy, because my costume was recognized and appreciated by everyone.”

What makes your costume unique?

“My costume was more original than just the basic [Mr. Oogie Boogie]. I added a twist of my own personality in it as well.”

What did you do on Halloween?

“I just hung out with a couple of friends and went trick-or-treating with them at night.”


Best Teacher: Ms. Lin

Where did you get the inspiration for dressing as Poppy?

“I watched Trolls. Poppy [in Trolls] seems very fun and energetic, and she loves hugs.”

Is your Halloween costumes always this creative?

“Generally, they are creative. I dressed up as a grape, ‘Sadness’ from Inside Out and one of Santa’s elves [before]. Even if I don’t have time to make a costume, I will still buy one and be creative.”

Do you have any traditions on Halloween?

“On Halloween, I always put up a Halloween christmas tree in my house, filled with ornaments and lights.”

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