HLPUSD plans Duel of the District to spread comradery among local high schools



Hacienda La Puente Unified School District (HLPUSD) high schools came together to plan the Duel of the District (DOTD) Family Feud with the first event for staff members on Mar. 30.

Staff members and students of Glen A. Wilson High School, William Workman High School, La Puente High School and Los Altos High School are gathering online for the Duel of the District Family Feud, a competitive event between staff members and students from HLPUSD high schools. The event will be held on Zoom with the hopes of making everlasting memories for students and staff members.

The Associated Student Body (ASB) representatives from all four schools came together to plan this year’s DOTD event. The event adapts the rules and guidelines of the famous television game show Family Feud, but the contest will be using a presentation slideshow instead.

According to Glen A. Wilson ASB Vice President junior Justin Huh, he hopes students and staff members are able to have fun despite the current circumstances with COVID-19.

“Other than having fun through this event, we here at ASB want to spread the message that no matter what obstacles we may face, there is always a way to adapt and find solutions,” said Huh. “As our ASB advisor Mrs. B always says, ‘When there is a will, there is a way.’ I take this quote to heart and want to share with everyone that COVID-19 isn’t going to stop us from safely creating life-lasting memories in high school.”

Furthermore, Glen A. Wilson High School ASB member sophomore Angelina Lee saw benefits to planning a virtual competition.

“I think being online [created a catalyst for ASB] to execute this event. [DOTD] really brought the whole district to come together and create something for everyone to enjoy,” Lee said.

Finally, Los Altos student senior Brandon Shih expects that, with the competition in place, students will be eager to show off their school spirit.

“With [DOTD] I think the students from all four schools will be dedicated to compete with one another. I believe that Los Altos and Wilson will have heightened competition, [as we are rival schools], ” Shih said.

ASB’s next DOTD event for students will be on Apr. 2.

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