HOSA organizes last meeting of the year



Glen A. Wilson’s Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) hosted a volunteering event on Apr. 28th.

The event was planned by the entire HOSA leadership committee in hopes of carrying out the message that small acts of kindness can truly impact a community. At the same time, the leadership committee hoped to incorporate all aspects of community service, creative freedom and leadership skills into this specific event. The event had members of HOSA take part in decorating pots for plants for the elderly residents at Bridgecreek West Covina.

Essentially, president sophomore Felicity Yu emphasized the purpose of reaching out to others in times of need, especially vulnerable groups such as senior citizens.

“With this specific event, I really hope that other people can see that a small act of kindness can go a long way and even with such a small donation we did leave a big impact that day for the residents at the senior facility,”Yu said.

Moreover, vice president sophomore Ellie Hung felt that the event was successful despite current obstacles, specifically, COVID-19.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to decorate the pots all together as a committee, but we still achieved our goal of learning and giving back through this event,” Hung said. “Because of the pandemic, we had to make our decorated pots event as contact-less as possible. Hopefully, in the future, we are able to interact with fellow members and the elderly as well.”

Lastly, HOSA member junior Jessica Chung believed that the meeting was carefully planned during general HOSA meetings to ensure smooth execution of the event.

“This event was planned by our Leadership Committee collectively during general meetings with everyone contributing many ideas to make this event possible. While planning this event we wanted to do something nice for the elderly and cheer them up during this time and just try to give back to our community,”Chung said.

This concludes HOSA’s last event of the school year.

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