Jazz Band triumphs at the Irvine Jazz Festival

PC_ Xavier Zamora




 The Wilson Jazz Band recently performed at the Irvine Jazz Festival at Irvine HS on Mar. 17.

  The band placed first out of 12 other schools in the Intermediate section, which is one of seven divisions such as Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Heavy Jazz. Members played “Blackbird”, “Blue Monk”, “Dreamsville” and “Critical Mass”.       

 Band Director Matthew Gilbert believes that the team placed because of their hard work and dedication.

 “The group [paid careful] attention to details in each [piece] during practices,” Gilbert said. “Because [of] our [commitment], everything came together and [ultimately] paid off.”

 According to sophomore Melanie Gandara, the team felt ecstatic yet anxious before performing.

 “I felt very excited [at the] festival, because it was my second season with Jazz Band,” Gandara said. “[At the same time], we were also nervous, because things have been operating differently [with] a new band director.”

 Prior to the concert, the group utilized class and individual time to practice the songs presented.     

 Sophomore Ethan Man says that members’ hard work set the bar for future events.

 “Despite being one of the first teams to perform, we still put our best foot forward,” Man said. “Our first place has definitely set the standard for our remaining festivals.”

Jazz Band’s next performance will be at the Workman Jazz Festival on Apr. 21.

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