Key Club Demonstrates Ways to Recycle Plastic





   Key Club held a Division Council Meeting (DCM) to teach participants how to reuse plastic to create useful items on Saturday, Jan. 26.

 Key Club’s DCM’s are held in order to ensure all clubs within the Southern California division are functioning properly. These events are one of the largest, where all clubs are to give a report on what they have done in the month and plans for the future.

  According to Division Interclub Coordinator junior Robin Yi, the DCM will greatly benefit the community and those in need.

 “This [meeting] is really beneficial for the environment, [especially] since California’s reusable plastic bag tax [resulted in a lot of] plastic bags being thrown away,” Yi said. “We also get to help out people in need [by learning how to reuse plastic and other items].”

 Additionally, Key Club President junior William Trang stated how this month’s DCM is different from past meetings.

 “Recently, we have been having more recreational DCM’s, so I am glad we were finally able to do more as a dominantly service-oriented club,” Trang said.

 Moreover, Key Club member junior Emily Tran noted why her first DCM went remarkably well.

 “For my first DCM, I thought it was really successful,” Tran said. “We were able to use all of the donated plastic bags to create Plarn that would go toward making blankets for the homeless.”

  Key Club’s next meeting will be on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

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