Korean Classes Explore Their Culture





   Wilson Korean classes attended a field trip to the Korean Education Center on Friday, March 8.

 In previous years, students have visited the Korean National Association Memorial, Korean Cultural Center, Korean Bell of Friendship and Koreatown Galleria. The field trip provides students with an understanding of Korean Traditional Art and allows students to practice speaking Korean to strangers.

 According to teacher Eilene Shin, the field trip gave students an opportunity to explore Korean culture and provided education outside the classroom.

 “Many non-native Korean students have never been to a Korean market or tried Korean food, so [the field trip] is a good way for the students to learn about Korean culture,” Shin said. “I have received positive feedback from students [who] say that going on this field trip is a once in a lifetime experience.”

 Furthermore, junior Joseph Chung believes the field trip experience to be memorable and eye-opening.

 “It was very exciting to learn about minhwa, which is traditional Korean art,” Chung said. “From the field trip, I was also able to spend quality time with my friends in Korean class and enjoy eating Korean cuisine.”

  In addition, sophomore Angel Lee saw the field trip as a great opportunity to learn more about Korean culture.

  “Since it was my first time visiting the exhibit, I did not know what to expect, but I ended up learning about many elements of Korean art that I had not been previously exposed to,” Lee said.

 Shin plans to continue bringing her Korean classes on field trips in the following years.

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