Let's Have a Talk With Our Sports Captains!



Girls’ Golf

Myla Romero (12)

What did it take for you to become the golf captain?

“I have the most experience out of all of the members in the golf team because I have been playing the sport for 12 years. I am also a people-oriented person that is very good at motivating other players.”

What have you learned from being a part of the golf team?

“Being a part of the golf team has taught me how to communicate better with people and what it means to be a good leader.”

If you were not in golf, what sport would you choose and why?

“If I did not play golf, I would probably play volleyball because it is a more fast-paced game.”

What television show would you like to binge-watch right now?

“I would like to binge-watch all of the Marvel movies and recent television shows.”

Girls’ Tennis

Arianna Audelo (12)

In your opinion, what makes tennis different from other sports?

“Tennis is a very mental sport; it is just you and your opponent. You are not allowed to be coached during a match so you have to be able to accomplish everything by yourself. Tennis is also considered a ‘gentleman’s sport’ wherein you have to be able to control your emotions and show good sportsmanship.”

What is your biggest achievement in terms of tennis?

“My biggest achievement [did not come from winning any particular tournament]. It was when I first discovered my love for tennis.”

What is your favorite season of the year and why?

“It is definitely summer because I love the warm weather and it puts me in such a positive mood.”

Who is your favorite tennis player?

“Ashleigh Barty is my favorite because she is a very clever player. She does not try to overpower her opponents. Instead, she stays in the rally and figures out their weaknesses. She is also a fighter that never gives up during matches.”

Carol Li (12)

What qualities do you possess that make you an effective tennis captain?

“Tennis is seen as an individual sport, but as the games go on, you support your other teammates and [develop a sense of] camaraderie. I believe that my willingness to encourage and reach out to my teammates was the reason why I was chosen to be the tennis team captain.”

Why did you choose to play tennis over other sports?

“When I was younger, I was very exposed to the sport [and I played it at the park]. I took private lessons, [which eventually led me] to join the varsity team.”

What is the most entertaining aspect of this sport?

“My favorite part is doing a lot of volleys and serves. When you play tennis doubles, [volleying occurs during] the time interval when [the players strike] the ball back and forth until one team loses. Serves [start off the game and they] require precision, accuracy and skill. These require a balance of repetition and [skill] through hours of practice.”

What is your favorite food?

“I have so many favorite foods. At the moment, it is Korean barbecue because I have not had any since the pandemic started. [When things start to settle down], I am going to eat it on the spot.”

Chloe Wu (10)

What advice would you give to aspiring tennis players?

“There are no shortcuts to being good. So if you want to be exceptional at anything, you need to put the time and effort in.”

What is your biggest achievement as a tennis captain?

“My biggest achievement is either leading the team last year as a freshman or making it to the third round of the CIF.”

What sport would you like Glen A. Wilson to have that the school does not currently offer?

“I would like the school to offer pickleball.”

What social media platform do you use the most often?

“[I use] TikTok [the most].”


Kassandra Escobedo (12)

What do you love most about softball?

“What I love most about softball is being pushed to my limits so that my coaches are able to see [the extent of my capabilities].”

Who is your inspiration in life?

“My biggest inspiration in life is my mom because she always pushed me whenever I [felt like] giving up, especially when I was admitted to the hospital.”

What is an important lesson that you have learned from your teammates?

“An important lesson that I have learned from my teammates is to never let one error get the best of me and to always have an uplifting attitude.”

What is your favorite film of all time?

“My favorite film is A League of their Own.”

Victoria Ramirez (12)

Why did you choose to join softball in particular?

“I chose to play softball because I have always been interested in baseball.”

What is your most memorable moment with the softball team?

“My most memorable moment was during my sophomore year where I played varsity. It was my first year ever playing and we made it to the third round of the CIF. I received a couple of awards and [had the honor] of being a part of such a great team.”

How have you changed as a person since you first started playing softball?

“Playing softball has made me more energetic and confident in myself as a person.”

What is your favorite sports team of all time?

“I love the Dodgers because the players are really good at what they do. Especially #35, Cody Bellinger, who plays outfield [like I do].”

Track and Field

Nicole Tong (12)

How do you motivate your team members?

“I motivate my team members by encouraging them to show up to practices and telling them that this is not only for the benefit of the team, but also in order to keep yourself in shape. I also say words of encouragement when they pass by me while we are running and give them positive feedback after our runs.”

How do you maintain your energy while running on the track?

“I have improved my stamina after joining cross country, and my experience really helped me build up muscles for track. [The most important thing is to] stay in shape, even during breaks, drink enough water and eat healthy foods.”

What was the longest distance you ran and what did it feel like?

“[One time, I ran] 10 miles for an hour and a half with my teammates, Isabella Carranza and Enid Gonzales. In the beginning, we were really excited, but when we got to the middle, we [became really tired]. It felt painful, but I never thought that I would be able to run 10 miles in my life. Even though we were very sore at the end, we felt really accomplished.”

Do you prefer singing or dancing?

“I prefer singing because it is fun to sing along and vibe with a song. I also listen to music while I run. Sometimes, I try to sing along, but I run out of breath.”

Boys’ Tennis

Benjamin Xie (11)

What was the biggest obstacle that you have faced in regards to tennis?

“The biggest obstacle that I have faced is most likely my own consistency. Some days, I feel inconsistent when hitting the ball. I lose my technique, and that is something that I have to work on more in order to get better at tennis.”

What makes tennis different from other sports?

“Although it is a team sport, the team score comes from individual matches so players can only rely on themselves when they play. Our tennis matches also usually last around three hours, which is much longer than most sports.”

What is the biggest piece of advice that you can give to your younger self?

“The biggest piece of advice that I would give to my younger self would be to start things earlier. Even though I played tennis at a young age, I only started training seriously during [eighth grade].”

Who is your favorite musical artist and why?

“My favorite music artist is probably Juice WRLD; I just really enjoy listening to his music.”

Korey Wee (10)

Did you always plan on joining the tennis team?

“Yes, I planned on joining the tennis team a long time ago. I [decided in] sixth grade that I wanted to play for some kind of sports team.”

How do you practice your tennis skills during this pandemic?

“[Due to our current situation], I do not have many opportunities to meet up with my friends to [play tennis]. Because of this, I usually practice by myself in a public park and on some occasions, I [practice] with my coach.”

What is the hardest challenge that you have faced as the tennis team captain?

“As the tennis captain, I have to take the leadership position. I need to watch how I talk to people and think. Questions such as ‘[Should I] talk as a leader or as a friend [to them]?’ can make it challenging sometimes.”

Do you prefer the daytime or the nighttime?

“The nighttime is much better most of the time because it is nice and cool. In addition, staying up all night playing video games or talking to my friends is one of [the best things that life has to offer].”


Sidney Wong (12)

When did you learn how to swim?

“I first learned how to competitively swim when I was seven years old because I have two older brothers who also swam. Naturally, I tried it out too.”

How have you served as an inspiration to your fellow swim team members?

“I offer to help my teammates who want to improve their technique. I also motivate everyone at swim meets by reminding them not to compare themselves to others because the real [opponent in the] race is themselves.”

What is your favorite swimming stroke?

“[It has to be the] butterfly stroke because I like butterflies.”

Swimming in the pool or in the ocean?

“I prefer swimming in the ocean because that way, I do not have to pretend that I am swimming away from sharks.”


Michelle Trinh (12)

What are the most important qualities of a badminton player?

“The most important quality of a badminton player is having a resilient and growth-oriented mindset. [You will face a lot of challenges] during your time as a player, such as feeling down on yourself during a tough game, however, learning from those hard times will change your mentality for the better.”

When did you first start playing badminton?

“I started playing badminton during my freshman year. I joined because I thought that it would be a cool experience to play a new sport.”

How does it feel whenever you win a match?

“Whenever I win a match, I feel accomplished because [it further proves] that the hard work I put into my practices has paid off [in the end].”

What is your favorite beverage of all time?

“My favorite beverage of all time is Kirkland’s Chocolate Milk.”

Ashley Yang (11)

What about badminton interests you?

“Badminton interests me because of the fact that it is a really challenging sport to pick up. But when you do know how to play, it feels amazing.”

What are the qualities of a good badminton player?

“Some [of the many] good qualities a good badminton player has includes being humble and willing to take criticism [while helping others]. I personally love helping people and seeing them improve with the advice I give them.”

What is the importance of physical activity in your life?

“Physical activity is a way for me to let loose since schoolwork takes up the majority of my time. It also helps me remain active after sitting at my desk for a long period of time in the same position.”

Where is your favorite place to hang out with friends?

“Nowadays, I do not mind hanging out with friends online. My favorite activity is playing a first-person shooter game called Valorant with them.”

Boys’ Golf

Jonathan Guerra (12)

What is the most fun part about golf?

“The most fun aspect about golf is definitely [seeing yourself] become better at it. I enjoy being out on the course and pushing myself to be a better player in all aspects.”

Have you always been a gifted golf player or did it take practice?

“I have not always been a gifted golfer. I still would not even call myself that gifted of a player because I will never be satisfied due to there always being [room for improvement]. Practice is definitely important because golf is a game of confidence and repetition.”

How have you improved your skills as a golfer amidst the pandemic?

“I have improved my skills by [practicing my skills] on the golf course a lot. [Since] golf is an individual sport, I never had to worry about courses being closed during the pandemic.”

What is your favorite subject in school?

“My favorite subject in school is a tie between history and math.”

Boys’ Basketball

Joshua Orito (12)

What was your most memorable basketball game?

“My most memorable basketball game happened during my sophomore year when I got a minor concussion in the fourth quarter against Covina High School. [Even though I was faced with this obstacle], I played through it and our team ended up winning in Double Overtime.”

How have you improved as a basketball player throughout the years?

“As a basketball player, I have improved in my jump shooting, ball handling, and understanding of the game, [while developing my leadership skills].”

How do you deal with failure?

“When it comes to failure, I like to pinpoint exactly what I did wrong [during the moment] and work on those certain aspects, skills or techniques that require improvement.”

What is your biggest hobby?

“My biggest hobby is teaching and competing in Taekwondo.”

Aiden Chan (11)

What lessons have you learned from participating in basketball?

“Through basketball, I have learned that you have to work hard if you want to be good at something.”

What other sports do you like besides basketball?

“Besides basketball, I also like football and tennis.”

Who is your favorite basketball player and why?

“My favorite basketball player is Stephen Curry because of his attitude and play style.”

What do you usually do when you are bored?

“I am either working out, playing video games or watching shows [whenever I am bored].”

Jeremiah Susanto (11)

What skills has basketball helped you develop?

“Basketball has helped me improve upon my communication skills. Throughout all my years of playing basketball, I have learned that communication is important both inside and outside of the court.”

Were you always good at playing basketball?

“I was not good at basketball [in the beginning]. No athlete [starts off] good at their sport. It is the amount of work and effort that they put into it that determines how good [of a player] they are.”

How do you set a good example for your fellow teammates?

“I make sure to exert my best effort during practices in order to set a good example for my teammates. I also do not slack off during practices so that the team will be able to stay focused.”

Do you have any hidden talents? If so, what are they?

“I do not have any other secret talents.”

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