Mock Trial scrimmages against Los Altos




  Mock Trial faced Los Altos HS in their first scrimmage of the year on Thursday, Oct. 19.

  Since the end of August, members attended many auditions, after school practices and work days to present the best case for the upcoming competition.

  According to captain senior Georgiana Soo, the successful scrimmage benefited both teams.

  “Both sides gave each other advice, which was useful in strengthening the team,” Soo said. “I [realized] that our team needed to improve on confidence, presentation and technicality.”

  Attorney sophomore Sydney Ly says that rehearsals contributed to a successful performance.

  “I made sure to practice with my witnesses many times in order to establish a more comfortable attorney-witness relationship on stand,” Ly said. “Our speech was less robotic and we were more organized than Los Altos because of our many practices and rehearsals.”

  Witness freshman Edmond Chu says that this eye-opening experience aided him in gaining more confidence.

  “The scrimmage helped me grasp a sense of what the real competition would feel like,” Chu said. “I feel [reassured] about myself now, because speaking on stand feels less intimidating than it did before.”

Mock Trial’s first competition will be at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Nov. 2.

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