New Gate Completes Wilson’s Transformation





 Administration  began constructing a new gate in front of the school on Sept. 28.

 The new  gate features an enclosed pathway that requires visitors to enter through the office building. The School Safety Committee, district personnel and other members of school administration contributed in the decision-making process.

 According to assistant principal Samuel Sanford, the new gate will enhance school safety.

 “We have a closed campus, and we want to make sure that no unauthorized people enter,” Sanford said. “Requiring people to check in through the office will [increase safety] on campus.”

 Furthermore, Spanish teacher Elizabeth Orth agrees that changes to the gate are indeed beneficial.

 “[Since my] classroom is closest to the front of the school, [my] number one priority is safety,” Orth said. “Though our old gate did protect the school as a whole, this new system will allow for better [monitoring of] who comes in and out of campus.”  

 However, senior Jayla Angulo believes that new renovations should have been made to benefit the Arts Department.

 “Instead of the new gate,  renovations should have [gone] toward extracurricular equipment  for theatre and choir,” Angulo said. “Choir needs new risers, and the theatre department needs better resources to work with.”

 The construction of the new gate is the last major campus renovation administration has planned for the year thus far.

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