Paw Prints Weekly and Yearbook Take Awards at ELAJEA



Congratulations to everyone who competed and won awards at East Los Angeles Journalism Education Association (ELAJEA)!

NOVICE NEWS: 4th- Henry Hsia 13th- Rani Chor 14th- Annmarie Li 20th- Adrian Hernandez NEWSPAPER LAYOUT: 2nd- Candice Lee EDITORIAL CARTOON: 4th- Kayte Chien FEATURE PHOTOGRAPHY: 7th- Winnie Thong 8th- Grace Jong NEWS PHOTOGRAPHY: 2nd- Colleen Gapuzan FEATURE WRITING: 6th- Sarah Chun EDITORIAL WRITING: 4th- Vincent Cortes 5th- Michelle Huang 8th- Jenibelle Hsu NEWS WRITING: 1st- Justin Yeh YEARBOOK COPY: 8th- Katie Kyan, Jeffery Jew, Scott Lai, Meiqi Lai YEARBOOK LAYOUT: 5th- Katie Kyan, Jeffery Jew, Scott Lai, Meiqi Lai 8th- Sarah Kwon, Brianna Co, Natalie Wu, Sherry Parngs 2nd in NOVICE NEWS SWEEPSTAKES: 3rd in NEWSPAPER SWEEPSTAKES 4th in YEARBOOK SWEEPSTAKES

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