Paw Prints Weekly prints its first issue





Paw Prints Weekly distributed its first printed issue on Monday, Oct. 2.

 The staff distributed new sixteen-page issues to each classroom for students’ easy access. Paw Prints Weekly published its first issue online on Aug. 25 and has consistently published every week since. The staff worked to gain publicity for the new website, which has received over nine thousand views.

 Editor-in-Chief senior Eva Chang says that despite her initial reluctance, the website helped the program gain popularity.

 “I did not want the structural integrity of our paper to falter with the [change] to a tech savvy edition. The website is a good expansion for our current program, [despite] my initial hesitance,” Chang said.  

 Advisor Pilar Robles says that in addition to monthly printing, the website allows the newspaper to expand its viewership and communicate with a larger audience.

 “I realized that printing and publishing online would have a positive outcome for our program. I [want to] gain more viewership by creating an interactive experience with students,” Robles said.

 According to sophomore Shiny Weng, the printed issues are beneficial because they allow readers develop a better comprehension of Paw Prints and events on campus.

 “I was excited to see Paw Prints’ first printed issue because it gives [students] a chance to better understand school events and [journalism,]” Weng said. “The newspaper also [offers] a different perspective on things you [normally] would not realize.”

Paw Prints will print its next issue on Oct. 30.  

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