SAG Awards gives actors new role in society

SAG Awards




  SAGing is officially back in style.  

 On January 21st, the 24th annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, hosted by Kristen Bell, changed the way acting is perceived in the industry. Winners were selected by fellow actors as a symbol of acknowledgement, bringing together many actors and actresses  from both film and television for their notable performances in the past year, and most importantly, for their love of acting.

 During the night, the awards stressed the importance of raising a new generation of actors and  delivered a powerful message: actors now have a new mission to tell the stories that others are unable to tell, which adds to the prestige of awards such as SAG as well.

 At the beginning of the show, the “I am an actor” monologues by several actresses even featured actress Millie Bobby Brown, showing that the ceremony recognized  young talent. Afterwards, Bell addressed the young actors and actresses, stating that “This show is for you guys, and it’s to entice you to stick around.”

 Moreover, actress Nicole Kidman, who won the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Limited Series, said in a the press room after the ceremony, “You are one role away from [winning a SAG award].” Through these speeches and monologues, the awards show succeeded in turning the spotlight to the young actors and dedicating a new era in acting to the new generation.

 With encouraging tones also came an increase of prestige for the SAG award. During the awards show, the many winning actors and actresses voiced their respect for the award in their acceptance speeches.

 For example, in her acceptance speech, Kidman thanked many of her fellow actors for her first SAG award win. She mentioned how she started working at the age of 14 expressed a deep respect for the award. This demonstrates that the SAG award truly recognizes actors for their art.

 In addition, Sterling K. Brown, who won the Actor for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series, displayed his passion for acting. In his acceptance speech, he acknowledged every actor and actress in the ballroom and mentioned the value of the award. All in all, the reactions of the actors added to the prestige of the award.

 Furthermore, the awards show redefined what it means to be an actor in this time period. The prestige of a SAG award and the hard work that comes with it proves that acting has come to be respected for its influential effects. The show has demonstrated that the truth can be heard through acting. Altogether, the award signifies that acting is both an an art and a way to tell stories, making acting an important role in today’s society

 Ultimately, the 24th annual SAG Awards confirmed the need for truth in a “watershed era.” It emphasizes that actors have a new role to play in the movies, on television, and in society.