Service clubs work to restore the environment





 KIWIN’S and Key Club attended their Watershed Restoration at the Azusa Canyons on Saturday, Nov. 4, from 7 A.M to 2 P.M.

 During the event, volunteers restored the environment by preparing the area for tree planting, picking trash out of the riverbed and cleaning the forest. The restoration aimed to return the ecosystem to its original state before deterioration.

 Goldstone Division Lieutenant Governor (LTG) senior Zachary Chen says that the restoration project provided awareness about the current environment.

 “The Watershed Restoration Project allowed us to gain a perspective on [how] our local wildlife protection services protect our ecosystem,” Chen said. “I encourage all members to attend our future Watershed Restoration Projects because they give [valuable] insight about the state of the [Los Angeles] County’s water source.”

 While the overall experience did prove to be educational, Key Club’s District Graphics Artist senior Cameron Joh believes that volunteers could have contributed more to the restoration process.

 “I enjoyed the Watershed Restoration, because I learned about how our actions affect the water supply for our area and why protecting nature is important,” Joh said. “This year, we only prepared the area for the planting of trees, but next year, volunteers should be able to plant trees.”

 KIWIN’S Goldstone Executive Assistant junior Lei Wang enjoyed the opportunity to make a difference in her community.

 “I loved making a direct impact on our environment,” Wang said. “It was tiring, but I was satisfied to see something positive come out of our hard work.”

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