Team Up for St. Judes hosts a St. Patrick's Day event to help bring smiles onto children's faces



Team Up for St. Jude hosted a meeting for members to create arts and craft gifts for children at the St. Jude’s Research Hospital on Mar. 11.

The student-run organization aims to fight off childhood diseases by raising funds and awareness for the local children’s hospital. During the virtual event, participants made handcrafted cards that will be distributed to patients at the medical center in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. To achieve this feat in a safe manner, cards will be mailed off to the St. Jude’s headquarters.

In the words of historian junior Vanessa Cheung, the club hosted the St. Patrick’s Day event to immerse members in fun, interactive activities while they supported the hospital at the same time.

“We wanted to keep members engaged and find new ways for [them] to give back to the hospital. [The club] wanted to continue holding service events that enabled [people] to create small trinkets and crafts for patients, which [also helped] heighten the interest in our cause,” Cheung said.

According to treasurer sophomore Crystal Chu, making the kids at St. Jude feel as normal as possible by constantly reaching out to them inspires them to keep going.

“The [St. Patrick’s Day] event helps the kids at St. Judes [realize] that they are no different than the kids outside of St. Judes. Receiving the gifts from [our] project would make their journey more enjoyable and urge them to fight on,” Chu stated.

As stated by member freshman Trinity Tran, giving the club her best effort in light of the ongoing pandemic makes her feel a sense of euphoria.

“Making crafts for the event brought me a [profound sense] of satisfaction and joy. It brought me [satisfaction] since I knew that I was making a change in the community and joy since I was helping children in need. Though not [being able] to host in-person events for the [St. Jude] children is [a] bummer, the club [still] found ways to make these virtual gatherings work through persistence,” Tran said.

Team Up for St. Jude continues to bring smiles to children’s faces and the club’s charitable actions create a bright future for the millions of kids suffering from childhood ailments.

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