Water Polo holds first meeting of the year


Glen A Wilson Water Polo team hosted its meeting on Feb. 9th.

The meeting served as a way for the members of the water polo and swim team to connect and discuss their current athletic situation with COVID-19. The meeting went over the plans for the rest of the water polo season and what they would do regarding the limitations created by the school district.

According to new head coach Amy Mattson, the purpose of the meeting is establish a connection between coach and athletes.

“We thought it was important to hold the meeting because we wanted us to be on the same page with the students and to inform them on what is to come the remainder of the season and school year,” Mattson said. “I feel that the meeting went well, and it was nice to meet the students who are in the aquatics program.”

In the words of water polo member junior Hannah Mizutani, the meeting rekindled the interest that people once had for the aquatic sport.

“This meeting was [unlike the others] because we had our new coaches and it seems like people are excited because being in our sport feels real and tangible again,” Mizutani said. “The future of waterpolo post-pandemic looks very bright since we have very dedicated people who show that no matter what they are devoted to their sport and their team. [Also], we are hoping for new recruits and hope people consider joining our awesome sport.”

Moreover, as said by waterpolo member junior Allison Wibowo, the introduction of a new coach brought fourth a new atmosphere for our meeting.

“In past meetings, we did not really have an official [adviser], so this time around with the presence of the new coach, we were able to estblish this sort of newer and better environment in the metting,” Wibowo said.

Waterpolo and will host their meeting practices every Monday, Wednesday and Friday unil Mar. 20th.

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