Wildcats’ favorite summer blockbusters

What is your favorite summer blockbuster?

“Spider-man. My favorite part was when [Peter Parker] goes into his room, closes the door and jumps down from the ceiling while his friend is right behind him. [I thought] that was pretty funny.” — Samuel Jiron (10)

“Spider-man, because he is hot.” — Crystal Saleh (11)

“Cars 3, because I like how they tied the story together. The [movie] brought me back to my childhood and made me realize I am growing up.” — Angelina Susanto (12)

“Wonder Woman, because the movie empowered women [in a time when] we need equality between men and women.” — Nikki Tran (10)

“Baby Driver, because Ansel Elgort is in it.” — Yosany Gomez (10)

“Wonder Woman, because it is a cool action movie [that has] a strong female lead. The scene when the army invaded the island was [especially exciting].” — Patrick Battung (9)

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