Wilson hosts annual College and Career fair





Wilson hosted a college fair on Saturday, Sept. 23 from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

 Various colleges and organizations set up booths to promote their schools and help students select which colleges to apply to. Announcers revealed raffle and contest winners on the football field. Winners of the 57th Assembly District College and Career Essay Contest include senior Jean Hsu.

 Counselor Megan Jara says students attained many resources and information from the fair.

 “[Students] had access to over fifty school representatives, so they gained new perspectives from the actual campuses  as opposed to doing it online or hearing it from other people,” Jara said.

  Senior class president Derrick Khousavath believes the college fair assisted students in many ways.

 “[The college fair] also helped by showing which colleges have  the  majors students want to study,” Khousavath said. “This was good start for underclassmen, because they are still unsure [about which college to attend].”

  Senior Allison Fann says the college fair opened her eyes to the importance of keeping her grades.

 “[The college fair] helped me understand that I need to improve and maintain my grades. I enjoyed seeing what colleges offered, because I was not aware that there were so many [options],” Fann said.  

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