Wilson Idol in search of Wildcat talent

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 Choir opened sign-ups for its first Wilson Idol from Nov. 13-17.

 Wilson Idol gives all students the chance to showcase and express their vocal talents, such as singing and rapping.

 According to choir director DeJohn Brown, Wilson Idol will give more students the chance to showcase their talents.

 “[Wilson Idol] gives the school the opportunity to have students show their singing or rapping [talents],” Brown says. “We have Mr. Wilson, [where] senior guys are able to showcase their talents, but we leave out a lot of other people. We want to give everyone the chance to show their skills as well.”

 Chief of staff junior Sarina Liang hopes that the turnout for students auditioning for Wilson Idol will be great.

 “Since this is our first year hosting the event, we hope that [many people] will sign up. We also hope that [Wilson Idol] will soon become a tradition in the near future,” Liang says.

 Despite the competitiveness, Liang believes participants should have fun as well.

 “While it is important to recognize student talent, the main thing students should remember is that the event should be enjoyable, so they should also strive to have fun,” Liang says.

 Wilson Idol auditions will be held in the choir room on Dec. 11-12, 15 and 18.

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